Better Grades

The number one complaint we get from high school teachers, college professors and corporate recruiters is students’ career skill readiness.  These soft and hard skills that adults depend on in their career, also are determining factors in achieving great grades and a students success throughout college. Life skills such as organization, prioritization, conflict resolution and navigating the political process are just as important in making high school easier and as they are in securing a great job after college. Our objective is to instruct, influence and inspire you and your children in order to make today, and the future, easier to navigate.

How to Build on Last Semester, Good or Bad

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A Fresh Start For most students, a new semester is about to begin. Depending on how your student performed last semester, you may feel excited, anxious, nostalgic, nervous, hopeful, or scared (or a combination). But [...]

Nudges That Help Struggling Students Succeed by David L. Kirp

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When I was in high school, I earned A’s in all my math classes — until I took calculus. In algebra and geometry, I could coast on memorizing formulas, but now I had to think [...]

Parenting Healthier Kids

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Lately, I’ve been talking a lot to my own children and my school students about outside discipline and motivation versus self-discipline and inner-motivation. When the stimulus is coming from outside oneself in either the form [...]

Parenting Sometimes Makes Us Crazy!

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Have you ever seen a picture of one of those old baby cages hanging out a skyscraper’s window from the 1930s? During the Great Depression era of the 1930s parents were worried about their kids’ [...]

Parents Get Your Kids into Extracurricular Activities!

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I so rarely hear kids talking about doing hard things today. You know, the kind of things that take some real grit to accomplish. Parents, have you noticed the drop in general participation all across [...]

Non Traditional Keys to Academic Achievement

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INSTRUCT What are the keys to performing well academically? Typical answers are to pay attention in class, take good notes, do the readings, study hard, don’t miss assignments, and do well on tests and quizzes. [...]