College Prep

Maximizing Your Teen’s College Potential

The road to college starts early for your teen.  It can be confusing, stressful and littered with endless challenges. Generating Winners has assembled a team of experts to answer questions from financial aid to how to teach your high school student how to network with the swim coach. College prep starts earlier than ever. We’re here to help you navigate the overwhelming path ahead.

How to Build on Last Semester, Good or Bad

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A Fresh Start For most students, a new semester is about to begin. Depending on how your student performed last semester, you may feel excited, anxious, nostalgic, nervous, hopeful, or scared (or a combination). But [...]


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FIVE THINGS NO ONE TELLS TEENS ABOUT MONEY THEY NEED TO KNOW Human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics they’re held against. Dan Ariely, Professor of Behavioral Economics, Article – Harvard Business Review 25 WORDS [...]

Great Money Habits Every Teen Needs to Succeed! Part 3

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Three Questions Every Teen Must Answer to Sustain Success with Money “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” Mark Twain THE PROBLEM WITH ALICE IN WONDERLAND Alice [...]

Great Money Habits Every Teen Needs to Succeed: Part 2

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The One Secret Every Teen Should Know To Have Mega-Money Success “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Benjamin Franklin  [...]

Parents Get Your Kids into Extracurricular Activities!

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I so rarely hear kids talking about doing hard things today. You know, the kind of things that take some real grit to accomplish. Parents, have you noticed the drop in general participation all across [...]

“I just dropped my child off to college… what am I supposed to do, now?”

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A child’s transition to college can be one of mixed emotions for a parent. When I meet with parents in the fall when their child has left for college, they are filled with feelings of [...]