Emotional Growth

Seriously, high school can be the best and worst time of your child’s life. There’s the normal stuff that weexperienced – friendship, bullies, hormones…. But today there is also the added stress of more work, more focus on college prep, competition, social media, accessibility to information and pressure caused by incredibly high college expenses and requirements (to name a few.)

This page is dedicated to helping you make high school fun. Together with our experts we’re prepared to bring on easy. We want to help you navigate some of those tough conversations and fears we all have – us and our kids. Join Generating Winners as we go on this journey with some incredible experts in the field to make your job as a teen influence easier.

Why Is Parenting So Hard?

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Isn’t it true that sometimes we just don’t know what we’re going to get with this 24/7 job called parenting? Sometimes things can work out pretty well. And after years of work we pat ourselves [...]

Perfection Is A Four-Letter Word

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There is never enough. Never enough time. Never enough wins. Never enough attention. Never enough praise. Never enough money. Never enough anything. We live in lack within a context of abundance. As parents of teens, [...]

Grit To Greatness

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Grit - courage and resolve; strength of character. Yeah, we know what it means. We admire it in people and we also despise it in people at the same time. Grit does not discriminate. When [...]

Parenting Healthier Kids

By |November 27th, 2016|Categories: Better Grades, Confidence, Emotional Growth, Mental Health, Motivation|Tags: , , , |

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot to my own children and my school students about outside discipline and motivation versus self-discipline and inner-motivation. When the stimulus is coming from outside oneself in either the form [...]

Parenting Sometimes Makes Us Crazy!

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Have you ever seen a picture of one of those old baby cages hanging out a skyscraper’s window from the 1930s? During the Great Depression era of the 1930s parents were worried about their kids’ [...]

Finding a Common Language

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As the mom of two teenage daughters, I find myself at a potential crossroads day in and day out. Will we become alienated from one another or will we remain connected? The teenage years are [...]