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The Kennedy Family dinner table was touted as the location of the true education of the Kennedy clan. It was where Joe and Rose Kennedy involved their children in discussions of history, finance, art and current affairs. 

“I can hardly remember a mealtime,”  Robert Kennedy said, “when the conversation was not dominated by what Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing or what was happening in the world.”

generating winners for parents of teens

Generating Winners is helping you create a legacy at your table… or in your car… or during those special moments you get with your teens.


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In this issue: 

What the world is talking about: Prince, Women in the draft, John Boehner’s “Lucifer” comment, Teenage pregnancy

What your kids are talking about: Music festival fashion, Urban Outfitter’s offensive products, Applying for summer jobs

Random Conversations: National Spinach Day, March Madness, Energy Drinks

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Prince  Prince Rogers Nelson has died at the age of 57.  In his legendary career he sold over 100 million records.  He was known for spanning multiple genres and redefining gender boundaries. (Learn More)

Start a Conversation: Have you ever heard any of Prince’s songs (i.e. “Little Red Corvette,” “When Doves Cry”)?  Do you think celebrities pass away in waves?  Have any of your favorite music artists paid tribute to Prince? There are some early rumors that it’s drug related. Why do you think all these celebrities keep dying of overdoses? Read GW Article 

The Draft  As part of a policy bill set forth by the House Armed Services Committee, women would be required to register for the draft.  Representative Duncan Hunter of Texas issued the bill in response to President Obama’s measures introducing women to the front lines of combat.  (Learn More)

Start a conversation:  The bill has split women activists everywhere–do you see the bill as a feminist or anti-feminist measure?  Every woman has a different relationship with the term “feminism.”  What does the term mean to you?  Here is an article about starting the conversation with your child about feminism.

John Boehner Now out of office, former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner lambasted candidate Ted Cruz in front of a crowd at Stanford University, referring to the presidential hopeful as “Lucifer” and “the most miserable SOB I’ve ever worked with.”  Cruz responded by asserting that he had never worked with Boehner, once again spotlighting his anti-establishment platform.  (Learn More)

Start a conversation:  Now that Boehner is free to speak his mind, his dialogue has grown much more personal.  What does this say about the nature of politicians and their opinions on the issues? Do you think a politician’s statements in the media reflect their individual beliefs?  How can you be a leader in the public sphere without compromising your values?  (Read GW article on teenage leadership here.)

Teenage Pregnancy Recent findings published by the Center for Disease Control have found a significant decline in teenage pregnancies, especially in black and Hispanic demographics.  Black teens saw a drop in teenage births by 44 percent since 2007; for Hispanic teens, by 51 percent.  But severe disparities remain between demographics, and the rate of teenage births in America is still higher than those of other developed Western countries, such as Canada.  (Learn More)

Start a conversation:  What parts of teen pregnancy prevention do you think are responsible for the success of the last 5 to 10 years?  Why is there still such a disparity between the rates of teenage pregnancy in white communities and the communities of PoCs?  How can we help teenage moms where we live?  Listen to GW’s discussion with Dr. Bridget Cooper on communicating with teens here.

Teen Buzz

Music Festival Fashion The onset of summer means the onset of music festival culture!  Teens often fantasize the bohemian, wild-and-free atmosphere of festivals and the artists they showcase.  Clothing stores for young adults channel the music festival in their summer lines.  See some Lollapalooza-inspired outfits here.

Start a conversation: The school year may be over and dress codes may be a moot point, but does that exempt all limitations on what you should wear?  Can you meet trends halfway?

Urban Outfitters The clothing store has been under fire several times before for problematic apparel and merchandise, but recent controversy over a shampoo (Anatomicals “Peach Shampoo for Suicidal Hair”) has forced the product to be pulled altogether.   (Learn More)

Start a conversation: Why is it important to acknowledge offensive products and/or turns of phrase? Why are PC controversies so common with young adult apparel stores (how does appealing to a hip demographic clash with a socially conscious consumer)?  Do you think Urban Outfitter’s response was appropriate?  Read an Anonymous Teen article about teenage mental illness here.

Summer jobs As the warm weather creeps in, high school students are beginning to apply for summer work.  Middle schoolers may even seek pay as sports referees or babysitters.  Older students may begin looking for options related to their career interests, like commissions, KickStarters, or apprenticeships/internships. (Learn More)

Start a conversation: Do you know how to search for job openings?  What is your ideal work environment?  What are you looking to get out of a summer job?  Do you feel comfortable with the concept of a face-to-face interview?  Is there anything you’re saving up for? Read GW post on teaching your kids financial responsibility

Random Conversation

No need to help you start conversations with these topics:

Memorial Day and Summer (Read GW Post about time management to help them plan their summer)

Famous baseball rivalries

Teen Death Linked to Energy Drinks (read this first: GW Article)

The Frontal LobeFemale Frontal Lobe - Anatomy Brain

Experts have said the frontal lobe does not fully develop until the age of 25. It’s functionality includes planning, organizing, selective attention, critical thinking, personality, higher cognitive functions including behavior and emotions. This section is designed to help you develop some of these critical skills sooner to give your teen an advantage.

Generating Conversations That Develop Skills:

Become an expert at asking “And then what do you think would happen?”

Asking this question 2-3 times on one topic will help your teen start thinking further ahead and understanding long term implications and consequences of their decisions. It will also help them learn to manage the thought strategies associated with good decision making.