Human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics they’re held against. Dan Ariely, Professor of Behavioral Economics, Article – Harvard Business Review


Here is a cliff note summary of Parts 1 through 3 of this series in 25 words.

Start today. Read about personal finance. Make saving and investing habits. Automate your wealth and freedom. Leverage compound interest. Have a plan. Work your plan.


If you have chosen to execute on the 25 principles above, congratulations! You are winning the money game. You are on your way to financial success.

If you have delayed execution on the 25 principles above, today is your next best opportunity to act and execute. Just do it.

That’s it. Execute basic personal finance principles. Execution is essential to success.


Here are five things no one tells teens about money you need to know.

ONE, you get what you measure.

Measure your net worth. It is more important than measuring your income. Net worth is the difference between the total of a person’s assets and liabilities at a specific moment in time. Measure it annually. According to Investopedia, a consistent increase in net worth indicates good financial health. It is also provides a good gauge of how much independence and freedom you own.

When it comes to measuring your money and assessing whether or not you are on the path to financial freedom and success, here are some additional items to monitor: (1) Emergency fund (2) Saving, investment, and retirement funds, including rates of return (3) Number of sources-streams of income (4) How and at what rates your money is being taxed (5) Your ’90 day’ number (see THREE below) (6) Credit: card balances, rates, and credit score (7) Categorized spending ratios and dollar amounts (8) Giving.

TWO, it is not enough you work for you. A portion of the money you earn needs to go to work for you too.

Every day ask yourself this question, whose wealth and net worth will I build today? Make sure your name is at the top of that list. Get it done. If you do, one day you are going to make a gratifying discovery. You are going to discover your money makes more than you. That will be a stand up tall, look in the mirror, grin ear to ear, happy day.

THREE, give your pennies a purpose.

If you pay attention to your pennies, treat them with respect, give them a purpose, there is an excellent chance that same thinking will extend to your nickels, dimes, and dollars too.

Take Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary’s advice, calculate and measure your ‘90 day’ number. I call it your ‘in and out’ number. The number is the total you’re left with after adding up all of your incoming cash over a three-month period and subtracting all expenditures over the same time frame.

It is simple, if you want to achieve financial success, you need more cash coming in than going out.

FOUR, work six days a week.

Here are a few things you want to decide. Do you want financial success? What is financial success for you? When do you want to achieve financial success by? How long do you want your financial success to last? What are the ingredients of financial success? What things can you do to enhance your chances of financial success?

Working six days a week is something you can choose to do that will enhance your chances for financial success, sooner rather than later. It gives you an additional 50 days of extra earnings per year to fuel your financial independence. Measure and forecast what that might mean to you over 10, 20, or 30 year time periods. Do not forget to include compound interest and earnings in those calculations!

FIVE, you do not need to do anything extraordinary to have financial success.

You do not need to win the lottery. You do not need to inherit a million dollars. What you do need to do is execute the financial basics. Do it habitually. Be faithful in seemingly small things and choices. As my late father was fond of saying, one thing leads to another!


Rich Habits, Thomas Corley

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth, Ric Edelman


Series title: Great Money Habits Every Teen Needs to Succeed!

Part 1: Two Money Choices You Will Never Regret, Ever

  1. Be the Boss of Your Thinking.
  2. Be a Book-E. Read. Pour the best financial thinking into your money mindset

Habit 1: Get in the habit of reading about personal finance.

Part 2: The One Secret Every Teen Should Know to Have Mega-Money Success

  1. Your Money Habits Will Determine Your Money Success. Automate Your Money Success.
  2. What Compound Interest Means to Teens

Habit 2: Get in the habit of saving and investing at an early age.

Part 3: Three Questions Every Teen Must Answer to Have Sustained Success with Money

  1. Listen. Act.
  2. Planning pays off.

Habit 3: Get in the habit of planning and programming your money!

Part 4:

  1. Execute basic personal finance principles. Execution is essential to success.
  2. You get what you measure. 

Habit 4: Get in the habit of measuring your money and personal financial vitals!


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